Texas Duck Habitats

Duck habitat in Texas Texas is home to the most significant number of waterfowl in North America. The state’s top 10 habitats include marshlands, lakes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, bays, estuaries, coastal marshes, dunes, and prairie grasslands. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department says about 1,000 species of birds call Texas home. Texas has some of […]

Stocking Your Ponds With Bass & Catfish

Tried and True Stock Pond Fish When pond owners think of stocking their ponds the two most common large fish to stock are largemouth bass and channel catfish. These fish are excellent to stock in ponds in Texas because they are inexpensive and easy to raise. Apart from that, the black bass is a popular […]

Food Sources for Bobwhite & Scaled Quail

Texas boasts home to 4 unique types of quail, a feat only matched by 4 other American States. These include the Northern Bobwhite quail, Scaled (Blue) quail, the Gambel’s quail and the Mearn’s quail (Montezuma, and not to be hunted). Down south during the quail open season from October to February, you are sure to […]

Texas Music Heritage

Strum along with a musician who’s making his mark on the music world. Guitar Maker (Texas Country Reporter)


With the Texas Trophy Hunters TV crew out of luck filming quality hunts for the season, Trey Bonner invites the crew to his Texas ranch to go after big old low-fence whitetail deer.